Collaboration & File Sharing

Team Communication and File Sharing

Collaboration & File Sharing

e·silentpartner gives teams the collaboration and file sharing tools they need to prevent duplication of efforts and miscommunications, including job blogs organized by step and date. In addition to team collaboration, e·silentpartner provides both client (eClient) and vendor (eVendor) portals. This creates a self-contained universe for creating additional project efficiencies, while enhancing client service levels.

Productivity Enhancing and Collaboration Features


Ditch the emails. Within the application, team members can send project related blogs and attach files. Users can add new task-related blogs at their "My Tasks" Dashboard or see all their blogs organized neatly at their "My Blogs" dashboard. Happy sharing!

Client Service Management

Talk about value-added! Through the eClient portal, your client contact can initiate jobs, and review and approve work in progress, including project estimates, invoices, schedules, and digital assets.

Production Expense Management

Within the application, you can develop job specifications and notify up to three vendors. Vendors can review and submit estimates directly from eVendor. The winning estimate is easily converted into a Purchase Order (PO), automatically notifying both the vendor and updating the job estimate.

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Additional Benefits

  Knowledgeable Customer Support: The team that built our technology is the same team responsible for your ongoing care and training.
  100% Web-Based and Responsive: e·silentpartner is accessible, on any device, via any internet or intranet connection.
  Scalable: SaaS hosting is provided by one of the most trusted web-services corporations, Amazon Web Services. As your company grows, we will be able to scale with you.
  HTML 5 Compliant: Meets all standards and recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  Sox-Compliant: This distinction proves the data security and financial integrity of e·silentpartner.
  Import/Export: Easily import any data from spreadsheets. All financial, key media, and job reports can be exported directly to .pdf, HTML, Microsoft Excel® (xls), or can be emailed directly to users.

  Search With Typeahead: Easily search and find matches for information even in the deepest reaches of your database. You can even search within your search results to find more detail.
  Reporting Flavors: Get up to 35 management income statements by client, client contact, client division, account manager, type of job, team, department, office or company.
  Customizable: From one setup window, literally every field label, report or window title can be changed to your preferred terminology.
  Global Ready: e·silentpartner comes in English, French, or Spanish versions, can account for Canadian VAT tax, and is multi-currency capable.
  Hosting Options: Choose from SaaS or on-premise deployment.
  Licensing Options: Purchase a combination of Full and eTime licenses for optimal productivity.