Engineering & Architectural Firms

With e·silentpartner, Focus on Creative and Making Your History

e-silentpartner is the only cloud PSA, accounting & management tool you will require to manage multiple projects & clients accurately.

For Engineering & Architecture consulting firms "Time is Money", never miss a billable hour. With esp you can do it on the go, focus on creativity.

Streamline your work/ company with our CRM, PM, Accounting, Resource Management, Media management, BI dashboards, Time sheet & Expense Management modules.

e·silentpartner works for you behind the scenes always providing you real time insights into profitability – You can estimate your profits before you quote, check resource schedules for planning, create teams, collaborate with our blogs and much more.

  • One True Platform
  • Collaboration & Resource Management
  • Client & Vendor Portals
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Be Mobile

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True Growth Platform

One True Platform

Accounting at heart, you won't require another software integration for accounts. All the modules are integrated into accounting, so you don’t have to submit a bill/invoice/ PO/Receipt twice. Create your own chart of accounts. Our accounting module supports multi-office, multi-currency, multi-company capable, and SOX complaint.


Collaboration & Resource Management

Collaborate with your team using our blogs/forums, create topics, get creative and lead your team. Share media with your team and clients as required. Sky is your limit, get creative with your clients. You can view free resources and allot them to projects/tasks as required. Use Agile, waterfall & Kanban PM methodologies.

Collaboration and Resource Management
Client & Vendor Portals

Client & Vendor Portals

We understand the importance of sharing information, invoices, estimates, quotes, progress with your clients, create client login and give access to your clients or vendors. Alternatively you can email clients/vendors with updates when necessary. It's all-customizable – Do what works for you!!!


Real-Time Insights

4) Get real time insights on your company performance – e·silentpartner's provides you with a customizable dashboard, that gives you real time insights into your firm performance, finances, project progress etc.

Real-Time Insights
esilentpartner mobile apps

Be Mobile

You can view time tasks on your mobile application. Time entry and expense entry is just a click away from your mobile.

Achieve the level of quality and eminent structure that you have desired through e·silentpartner. Be on the success path and start expanding in no time! Focus on growth and innovation while we ensure easy management of administrative tasks and other business processes. Get in touch with us today!

The e·silentpartner Difference

e·silentpartner delivers valuable and tangible results that directly impact your bottom line.

e·silentpartner automates routine, low margin, or non-billable, tasks throughout the project lifecycle, allowing users to focus on providing more value-added services to your clientele.

e·silentpartner is so easy to use, which means your team members will be utilizing the software to its greatest potential. You'll also have greater, real-time, insights into underutilized employees so you can maximize billable revenue.

e·silentpartner's built-in business intelligence features enables actionable data that help users proactively steer projects toward on-time delivery and greater profitability. Operationally, e·silentpartner delivers financial key performance indicators that facilitate better business-building decisions.

Adding more users is easy. And, as you grow, e·silentpartner grows with you allowing you to recoup your software investment faster.

Start growing your business with esp.

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