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e·silentpartner is the leading cloud-based Professional Services & Accounting solution for PR & Legal firms. Accounting at heart and features such as real-time CRM, project management, and much more. e·silentpartner provides you with tools you need to organize, manage and grow your firm's clients seamlessly

Maintain a precise workflow, gain highly intelligent clients, and keep Tab on the case or client-based counting- all with e·silentpartner!

e·silentpartner provides a simple interface for PR & Legal firms. On a single platform that is driven by a cloud-based SaaS software, Have access to everything from anywhere and anytime.

Collaborate and share information seamlessly, maintain an accurate record of invoices with our incredible billing and invoicing system, manage your teams effectively with our project management software, and accelerate your firm's profits.

Errors and Mistakes are expensive in your line of work! We know you work hard, and we want to make your business structure simple and organised with our ONEWORKFLOW dashboard. View status of your cases, bill your clients case or client based, utilize your resources with our resource management tools! and much more...

  • Improve your profitability
  • Seamlessly Manage Traffic
  • Collaborate Virtually
  • Achieve the desired exclusive visibility
  • Your trusted partner for working together Solve your problem.

Improve Profitability

Get accurate billing and invoicing, track the cash flow, identify your profitable clients or cases, and maintain precise records of all data.


Manage Traffic

Identify specific skill sets, analyze your resources, and staff your project correctly. Maintain the right staffing margin with our resource management system.



Easily identify the shortage in staff, if any. Have your employees get access to important assets and data through virtual collaborations.



Gain insights in real-time, make informed decisions through business intelligence by our dashboards, and optimize your performance through KPIs and a lot more features on e·silentpartner.

Achieve the level of quality and eminent structure that you have desired through e·silentpartner. Be on the success path and start expanding in no time! Focus on growth and innovation while we ensure easy management of administrative tasks and other business processes. Get in touch with us today!

The e·silentpartner Difference

e·silentpartner delivers valuable and tangible results that directly impact your bottom line.

e·silentpartner automates routine, low margin, or non-billable, tasks throughout the project lifecycle, allowing users to focus on providing more value-added services to your clientele.

e·silentpartner is so easy to use, which means your team members will be utilizing the software to its greatest potential. You'll also have greater, real-time, insights into underutilized employees so you can maximize billable revenue.

e·silentpartner's built-in business intelligence features enables actionable data that help users proactively steer projects toward on-time delivery and greater profitability. Operationally, e·silentpartner delivers financial key performance indicators that facilitate better business-building decisions.

Adding more users is easy. And, as you grow, e·silentpartner grows with you allowing you to recoup your software investment faster.

Start growing your business with esp.

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