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Multi-Company, Multi-Office, Multi-Currency, & Multi-Taxation – Made Multi-Easy!

e·silentpartner seamlessly integrates robust financial and project accounting to track real-time profitability.

Accounting and Financials

Accounting & Financial Management

Built for the way professional services firms account and bill for time, expenses, and outside purchases, e·silentpartner's robust, SOX compliant, accounting and financial system integrates project control with the general ledger, so you can track profitability in real-time. e·silentpartner includes a full set of business finance tools, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, revenue recognition, overhead allocation, multi-company, multi-office, multi-currency support, and project and management financial reporting. And, since financial and project accounting is seamlessly integrated, costs can be shared automatically, while maintaining a comprehensive audit trails.

Key Finance Features

General Ledger

  Maintain multiple companies, offices, and departments, each with multi- currency capability.
  No close the month procedure is required – simply 'lock or unlock' a month to prevent/allow posting to a fiscal period.
  Enter duplicate and reverse journal entries. Add notes to each line. Add client, division, office, etc. and those journal entries will flow into the management income statements.
  Automatically recognize, earned but unbilled, revenue on charges before they are billed.
  Enter last year's journal entry and it will update the affected account's opening balance for the current year. Income Statement account entries will update retained earnings.
  Import original and revised operating budgets for any fiscal year, journal entries, and payroll to determine the real hourly costs of your employees.

Accounts Payable

  Set up multiple AP accounts, with multi-currency processing (if needed).
  Provide security within AP based on segregation of functional responsibilities.
  Enter, edit, or void vendor invoices. Integration with the information contained in the existing Purchase Order (PO). Ability to process multiple invoices for a single PO.
  Generate computer checks in 'batch' or one click payment option from the vendor invoice window. Select checks to run by due date, vendor, and/or AP account. Consolidate payments including paying multiple invoices with a single check or ACH payment file.
  Easily perform searches by vendor name, vendor number, check number, check amount, check date, job number, and more.
  Void checks with effective dates.
  Perform bank account reconciliation.

Accounts Receivable

  Set up multiple AR accounts, with multi-currency processing (if needed).
  Set up media billing parameters, including media type and timing.
  Modify charges prior to production billing.
  View aging information and drill into outstanding receivables, invoices, and line item detail.
  Apply payments to multiple invoices. Apply write off to invoice and have the write off flow into the management income statements.
  Combine production and media invoices from several projects into one invoice.
  Choose from over 10 different invoice formats, including summarized, detail, compare to project estimates, and/or show what has been billed to date.
  Prorate invoices from several projects into individual invoices crossing several projects using different pro-rate percentages.

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Additional Benefits

  • Knowledgeable Customer Support: The team that built our technology is the same team responsible for your ongoing care and training.
  • 100% Web-Based and Responsive: e·silentpartner is accessible, on any device, via any internet or intranet connection.
  • Scalable: SaaS hosting is provided by one of the most trusted web-services corporations, Amazon Web Services. As your company grows, we will be able to scale with you.
  • HTML 5 Compliant: Meets all standards and recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • Sox-Compliant: This distinction proves the data security and financial integrity of e·silentpartner.
  • Import/Export: Easily import any data from spreadsheets. All financial, key media, and job reports can be exported directly to .pdf, HTML, Microsoft Excel® (xls), or can be emailed directly to users.
  • Search With Typeahead: Easily search and find matches for information even in the deepest reaches of your database. You can even search within your search results to find more detail.
  • Reporting Flavors: Get up to 35 management income statements by client, client contact, client division, account manager, type of job, team, department, office or company.
  • Customizable: From one setup window, literally every field label, report or window title can be changed to your preferred terminology.
  • Global Ready: e·silentpartner comes in English, French, or Spanish versions, can account for Canadian VAT tax, and is multi-currency capable.
  • Hosting Options: Choose from SaaS or on-premise deployment.
  • Licensing Options: Purchase a combination of Full and eTime licenses for optimal productivity.
  • Start growing your business with esp.

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