e·silentpartner™ version 3.9

Latest release of professional services automation software (PSA) system debuts more ways to accelerate project and resource efficiencies.

The Médi Group, Ltd., a leading software and services innovation company dedicated to developing fully integrated project management and accounting solutions for marketing firms, advertising agencies, in-house creative teams, management consulting firms, and other project-based businesses, today announced the release of e·silentpartner version 3.9.

Some of the newest version 3.9 highlights include:

  • Purchase Order (PO) Business Rules - A customizable rule-based processes to gain better control of external costs companywide.
  • CRM - Planning and forecasting potential new business jobs, and instantly turning prospects into clients, contacts and projects at project green light.
  • eBilling - Automated billing workflows to accelerate billing procedures and improve cash flows.
  • CSI Electronic Accounts Payable - A free integration with Corporate Spending Innovation’s CSI paysystems, enabling clients to pay vendors electronically, save time and money on traditional paper check runs and earn unlimited monthly cash rebates from all virtual credit card transactions.
  • And, much more...

"We really packed a lot of added value into this new release of our advertising agency software,” said J.T. Harding, director of marketing for The Médi Group. As a robust and stable system, we are now beginning to focus on more ways to enhance the user experience and provide thoughtful integrations that will increase productivity, reduce costs or add new revenue streams," quoted Harding.

In addition to newly enhanced features and workflows in e·silentpartner 3.9, the new release contains an in-app documentation section for easy access to user guides, technical documentation and release notes.

Many professional services firms, including traditional and digital ad agencies, are in the process of major digital transformations so they can be more efficient and better serve their clients. Version 3.9 is a major step in helping agencies achieve this transformation.

"Our Version 3.9 has so many new surprises inside that will revolutionize the way our clients perform daily work and service their clients," mentioned Harding.