e·silentpartner™ version 4.0

Latest release of e·silentpartner introduces improved tools for streamlining project management and collaboration as well as for maintaining control of financial processes with more audit trails and reporting options.

The Médi Group, Ltd., a leading software and services innovation company committed to providing project and resource management, CRM, and accounting solutions for marketing firms, advertising agencies, in-house creative teams, management consulting firms, and other project-based businesses, announced the release of e·silentpartner version 4.0.

Some of the newest version 4.0 highlights include:

  • Expanded Fiscal Calendar - Our clients don’t have to rush to close the year again. They now have 12 full months in the next fiscal year to do so. Just one of the many benefits of this enhancement.
  • Project & Resource Management - More frictionless tools to help firms plan projects and book and re-assign resources on the fly.
  • Blogs - UI and functionality improvements to enhance job and task collaboration with your teams, vendors and clients.
  • Billing - More unified, online and seamless billing methods in accordance with the latest revenue recognition processes.
  • CRM - Assign CRM jobs and forecast new business revenue alongside live production and media jobs.
  • And, much more...

We are so excited about our version 4.0 release. Our business and development teams worked together to bring to life those features that our clients were needing the most to boost their internal processes.

We always plan our enhancements in coordination with our client’s needs while maintaining security and financial controls that comply with auditing standards and other regulatory requirements.

The new features included in this version also improve interface and user experience, especially for project management and planning, offering as well time saving solutions when creating templates, duplicating projects, creating estimates and managing PTO.