e·silentpartner Mobile App V3

In order to meet the demand for improved business mobility in Professional Service Automation (PSA), we at e·silentpartner recently upgraded our mobile capabilities to:

esilentpartner Mobile App version 2

• My Jobs

Our new My Jobs page provides a convenient solution for time entry directly from job cards, making it easier than ever for users to manage their assigned jobs and communicate with the team. Gain a comprehensive overview of job details, including titles, client names, and job-related blogs, all in one place. Experience seamless time tracking and boost productivity effortlessly.

• Job Search Functionality

We know that finding the right blogs related to a particular job can be a daunting task, which is why we've included a new job search functionality in this update. You can now filter your blogs using job numbers or titles and access them directly from the My Jobs page & My Blogs page.


• Text-to-Speech Functionality

We understand that typing lengthy blog replies can be time-consuming and challenging, which is why we've included a speech to text feature in our latest update. This new functionality will allow you to convert your voice into text and lets you edit any part of it before sending it, making it much easier to stay up to date with your team's activities.

• Selecting Recipients for a Blog Message

With our new update, you'll have complete control over your blog message recipients.” You can now include your client contacts in your recipient list, represented by "CN" in a bracket.” reach out to our customer support team if you would like this feature to be enabled.

• Improved UI

We've invested a lot of time and resources into improving the user interface of our app, and we're confident that you'll notice the difference. We've included a new menu and updated the color scheme to provide a better overall user experience.

In addition to these new features, our mobile application still includes the essential functions that you've come to rely on, such as My Tasks, My Blogs, PTO, a Home page showing today's tasks & My Jobs and a Charge Entry screen.

We hope that our users will find the new features helpful in their daily work. We will continue to add new modules and functionalities in upcoming updates. If you haven't already, be sure to download the latest version of the e·silentpartner mobile app today from play store and app store and let us know what you think. We appreciate your feedback and are always looking for way s to improve our app to better meet your needs.

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