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Promise, Deliver, & Profit. - Three Words That Define Professional Services Success.

Promise, Deliver, & Profit has to be more than just a tagline, so what does it really mean? It is our meaningful promise that we stand by our product and vow to help you promise, deliver, and profit using eSilentPARTNER. This is not a hard promise to make, since we are already accomplish this every day. Results from this promise are most evident from our customers that consistently provide positive referrals, testimonials, and helpful reviews. These three words are implicit in how we organize daily to ensure each client's ongoing success. So, let's break them down for you.


Most of our advertising agency and management consultant clients make a brand promise to their customers. This promise defines their services differentiation and helps them win new business among a crowded marketplace of providers saying essentially the same thing.

For example, many agencies promise to help their marketing customers find their footing in a sea of rapid disruptive change. This promise is honorable because it is both relevant and timely. However, it goes much deeper than that. Much of an agency's promise relies on a combination of their unique processes, organization structure, experienced and talented people, creative service offerings, and technology. eSilentPARTNER's professional services automation software is a small, but integral, part of this equation.

eSilentPARTNER helps our clients confidently make a promise to deliver a targeted campaign, both on time and on budget. We say, "go ahead and make that promise" because eSilentPARTNER backs you with the tools to estimate and plan all of your campaign components to fit the scope of work assigned. We even offer a client and vendor portal to involve the agency's clients and production partners in the planning process.


Today, an ad agency or professional services firm must manage lots of moving parts, including a variety of project types, media channels, subject matter experts, production vendors, and remote teams. Without proper insight and controls, many complex projects end up missing deadlines and can go way over budget. eSilentPARTNER project management capability provides team members and project managers the built-in mechanism to proactively manage projects for successful outcomes. For instance, users can see active projects, including the % of completion of each project, at their own custom dashboard. From end-to-end, eSilentPARTNER delivers a fully integrated set of collaborative tools that enable teams to effectively and efficiently move a project along the project lifecycle. This integration also facilitates speedy billing for better cash flows. We also back our product up with expert, personalized, customer support so firms can consistently deliver on their promise.


Let's face it, today's agencies are under intense pressure to create on-brand communications, delivered in a timely manner, with proof of tangible results. This is no small feat! To add further obstacles, many professional services providers are being subjected to client purchasing departments that are charged with negotiating better terms and fees. To be profitable in this environment, agencies must have their processes aligned with tools that provide real-time insights – guiding them to deliver profitable projects. eSilentPARTNER gives managers both the historical and real-time data in order to drive effective profitability decisions. Our advertising agency software delivers up to 35 management financial reports to help you see profit from all angles.

Promise, Deliver, & Profit. Three little words that make a world of difference to our clients – and to their customers.

About the Author

JT Harding

Creative and strategic marketing communications professional with both advertising agency and client-side experience. Skilled in a variety of integrated offline and online sales and marketing strategies and tactics. Degreed in both Visual Communications and Marketing. Proven ability to build profitable business relationships and brands.

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